Details below are for the 2018 event. 2019 training information will be updated soon!

Aid Station Information 

Aid Stations

There are 18 aid stations on the course. Aid stations will be stocked with water (all stations), Orange Gatorade (all stations), and gel (some stations). Aid stations will be present at mile 2.2, mile 4.5, mile 6.5, mile 8.3, mile 10, mile 12, mile 14, mile 16, mile 17.5, mile 18.9, mile 20, mile 21, mile 22, mile 23, mile 24.3, mile 25.3, mile 26, and the finish line.

Snacks on the course

There will also be fruit and candy on the route. These will be located at the aid stations on mile 10, mile 18.9, and mile 23. On mile 26.2, the aid station will have granola bars, orange slices, chocolate milk, and bananas.


We’ve got you covered. There will be portable toilets along the route. These will be located at mile 2.2, mile 6.5, mile 10, mile 14, mile 17.5, and mile 22.

Pace Group Information

The Corridor Running Club has scheduled pace group leaders to help keep you motivated and focused for the RUN CRANDIC powered by University of Iowa Community Credit Union Marathon & Half-Marathon on Sunday, April 28, 2019 for the following paces:

Marathon Finish Goal TimeHalf Marathon Finish Goal Time
3:20 - OPEN 1:40 - Tom Rutkowski
3:35 - Seth Heerschap1:50 - Michael Price
3:50 - Landon Geater
2:00 - Barb Strandberg & Laura Thomsen
4:00 - OPEN
2:10 - Clifton Smith
4:10 - Cristi Trow Dykstra
2:20 - Megan Nieland

Megan has been a runner since she was 14. Growing up she played soccer for several years before a friend convinced her to join the cross country team. She immediately fell in love with the running, pushing herself to beat her previous times, and the uplifting atmosphere of the running community.

Megan continued to run through college and became serious about running after graduation. She enjoys the training as much as racing and has made several lifelong friends through running.

Over the past few years, Megan has run several 5ks, 10ks, over ten half marathons, and two marathons. Megan works as a Registered Nurse and enjoys running with local running clubs, biking, traveling, watching sports, and reading in her free time.

Megan believes in smiling with every mile and is passionate about helping and motivating others to achieve their running goals!
4:20 - Shawn Loy
2:30 - Nisha Peters
4:30 - Jennifer Steadman

Jennifer Steadman began her running journey in August of 2013. She had previously run 4 marathons in the years between 1998 and 2000. Jennifer’s running journey really began as she battled major depression, using it as "therapy." And she says that the last 4 years of running have literally saved her life.

Jennifer has run 8 marathons within these last 4 years along with many half-marathons and local races of varying distances. She is a member of Corridor Running and greatly appreciates their awesome support.

Jennifer’s running journey has taught her discipline, dedication, and strength to also apply to life in general. In 2013 she began chasing a dream that she had always wanted to achieve – Jennifer began training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

After 4 years of pure dedication and many ups and downs within in life and running, she continued to push through and achieved her goal just recently -- November 4, 2017 -- at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

Jennifer enjoys helping others with anything that they may need help with. And she is so excited to lead a group of runners to help them achieve a huge goal – that of finishing the inaugural CRANDIC Marathon.

She promises to keep you motivated and hopes that you will please just come and enjoy the experience.

Jennifer’s advice: “Just always remember to enjoy the experience in this part of your life!”
2:45 - OPEN
4:40 - OPEN 3:00 - OPEN
4:50 - OPEN
5:00 - Robin Kopelman
5:30 - OPEN
6:00 - OPEN

Log Your Training

Make sure you’re preparing for your chosen distance.

It takes time to properly train for a marathon or half-marathon. We recommend 16 weeks to train for a marathon and 12 weeks for a half-marathon.

To help you get to the finish line in Cedar Rapids, we offer a 16-week/4 days-per-week marathon training plan and a 12-week/3 days-per-week half-marathon training plan for all runners.

Since RUN CRANDIC will take place on Sunday, April 28, 2019, you need to start your 16-week marathon training plan on or around January 8 and your 12-week half-marathon plan on or around February 6.

As you train, you might want to consider keeping a running & training log. Whether you choose to go electronic, with an app, or the old-fashioned spiral notebook, maintaining a record of your training process will pay dividends for the future. Here’s a printable running log to get you started. Our friends at Runner’s World provide a great description of the power of the log.