Aid Station Amenities

Marathon Aid Station Amenities

Marathon Aid Station Number / MileAmenities
# 1 / 2.25Water
#2 / 4Water, Orange Gatorade
#3 / 5.25 / RELAY POINTWater, Orange Gatorade, GU, Orange Slices, Restrooms
#4 / 8Water, Orange Gatorade
#5 / 10Water, Orange Gatorade
#6 / 12.25 / RELAY POINTWater, Orange Gatorade, GU, Orange Slices, Restrooms
#7 / 14Water, Orange Gatorade, GU
#8 / 16Water, Orange Gatorade
#9 / 17.25 / RELAY POINTWater, Orange Gatorade, GU, Orange slices, Restrooms
#10 / 20.4 (6.4 half)Water, Orange Gatorade, GU
#11 / 21.9 (8.9 half)Water, Orange Gatorade, GU, Orange slices
#12 / 23 (9.9 half)Water, Orange Gatorade, GU
#13 / 24.1 (10.9 half)Water, Orange Gatorade, Restrooms
#14 / 25.25 (11.9 half)Water, Orange Gatorade, Orange Slices

Half Marathon Aid Station Amenities

Aid Station # / MileAmenities
1 / 2Water
2/ 4Water, Orange Gatorade
3 / 5.2Water, Orange Gatorade, GU

5K / 10K - ish Aid Station Amenities

Aid Station # / MileAmenities
1 / 1.55ishWater
2 / 3.1ishWater, Orange Gatorade


Log Your Training

Make sure you’re preparing for your chosen distance.

It takes time to properly train for a marathon or half-marathon. We recommend 16 weeks to train for a marathon and 12 weeks for a half-marathon.

To help you get to the finish line in Cedar Rapids, we offer a 16-week/4 days-per-week marathon training plan and a 12-week/3 days-per-week half-marathon training plan for all runners.

Since RUN CRANDIC will take place on Sunday, April 28, 2019, you need to start your 16-week marathon training plan on or around January 7 and your 12-week half-marathon plan on or around February 5.

As you train, you might want to consider keeping a running & training log. Whether you choose to go electronic, with an app, or the old-fashioned spiral notebook, maintaining a record of your training process will pay dividends for the future.

Download the 2019 FULL MARATHON schedule

Download the 2019 HALF MARATHON schedule

Thanks to our friends at PACE Running Academy for creating this log for us!

Training Runs with Iowa Running Company


We are here to help you prepare for the second annual RUN CRANDIC! All runs with take place at Iowa Running Company located at 1000 3rd St Ste 2, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 starting at 6:00 pm.

1/17: Altra (demo shoe fleet)
1/24: Brooks (demo shoe fleet)
1/31: Mizuno (demo shoe fleet)
2/7: open
2/14: open
2/21: Trigger Point (demo foam rollers, deep tissue massagers)
2/28: Athletico
3/7: The 2nd Annual Iowa Running Co. Vertical Treadmill Challenge (last year was a BLAST!)
3/14: open
3/21: open
3/28: open
4/4: open
4/11: Saucony (demo shoe fleet)
4/18: open
4/25: Pizza Party (yes, that’s right…a pizza party at the shop!)

**dates, times, and demos are subject to change**

Pace Group Information

The Corridor Running Club has scheduled pace group leaders to help keep you motivated and focused for the RUN CRANDIC powered by University of Iowa Community Credit Union Marathon & Half-Marathon on Sunday, April 28, 2019 for the following paces:

Marathon Finish Goal TimeHalf Marathon Finish Goal Time
3:20 - Phil Young

Phil has competed in over 25 marathons with his personal best time being 2:29. He has paced the Quad Cities Marathon in 2016, 2017, and 2018 as well as the first annual RUN CRANDIC. Phil is the store owner of Sleet Feet in Davenport and is outnumbered at home with three beautiful daughters and a speedy wife.
1:40 - Tom Rutkowski

Tom is originally from St. Louis, MO and has also lived in Newark Delaware, San Francisco California, and Ann Arbor Michigan before moving to Iowa City 10 years ago. He has been a triathlete for the last 8 years, and running is definitely the discipline I'm best at. I've raced four marathons (hopefully 5 by the time CRANDIC rolls around), but, strangely, only two halfs; most of his race runs are preceded by swims and bikes!

“This is my first time pacing, and hope to help some folks run their best and enjoy the half marathon experience. I'm a cell biologist by trade, and one of the world's experts on the cellular endoplasmic reticulum stress response (for whatever that's worth...), but promise not to run in my lab coat, which I never wear anyway!”
3:35 - Seth Heerschap

In 2015, Seth moved to Iowa to pursue my PhD. The first year in graduate school was very hard on Seth and he found myself extremely stressed and at an all time low in his physical health. Seth had never ran in my life, though, somehow running found me. One day he accidentally locked my keys in my office. Since he had his gym clothes on he decided to just run (and walk) the two miles home. That single run on July 19th, 2016, completely changed his life and never looked back.

Since then Seth has finished three marathons (3:01.01 personal best) and plans on running RUN CRANDIC, Grandma's, Pikes Peak, and Chicago next year! He is also currently an active member of the Running Club at Iowa State University.

“Running allows me to forget about the stresses of life and enjoy the ride. I always get back from my runs refreshed and refocused! I've also enjoyed encouraging others on their marathon endeavors, vocally or by chipping in on their long runs to keep them going. This upcoming RUN CRANDIC marathon I'm excited to be able to do just that as a pacer!”
1:50 - Michael Price

Michael initially started distance running when he was 17 years old. He realized that he had natural endurance and enjoyed running distances. His goal was to one day run a marathon. Unfortunately, he lost track of this dream through the distractions of family and adult life. His focus on health and fitness went to the wayside and by the time he was 26, he weighed 340 pounds.

In late 2012, he decided to make some healthy changes in his lifestyle and with the help of friends and family started working out and eating healthier. These changes resulted in him losing over 100 pounds over the next year.
With his newfound fitness, he set out to run his first marathon -- the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon. With the help of a running partner, they trained and accomplished this incredible feat.

In the time that Michael has been running, he has completed 5 marathons, 16 half-marathons, and countless other races and race distances. He has a passion not only for running but for growing the running community, hoping to help people who are traveling down similar health journeys that he did.
He volunteers at many local races, sits on the Board of Directors of Corridor Running, and is the Race Director for the NewBo Run Half Marathon and 10k. He also spends as much time as possible with his family while at the same time enriching the awesome community of runners here in the Corridor.
3:50 - Landon Geater

Landon is an outdoor enthusiast who is exited to be pacing for RUN CRANDIC 2019. He has ran Ironman Wisconsin fall of 2017, Ran Mines of Spain 100K fall of 2018, and hopes to run a 100 miler in one day!
2:00 - Barb Strandberg & Laura Thomsen

Meet Laura! This UNI grad currently lives in Cedar Falls where she enjoys hitting the trails with The Runner’s Flat run club. Laura’s passion for running began when she joined the cross country team at Pleasant Valley HS. She loves to run because of the life-long friendships formed along the way. Laura is very grateful to be running today after a string of injuries sidelined her during her college years. Laura has run two marathons, seven half marathons, three relays, and dozens of 5Ks. One of Laura’s life goals is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. After finishing three minutes shy of earning a spot for Boston 2019, Laura has big plans for the upcoming year. Laura is thrilled to be a pacer for RUN CRANDIC to witness hundreds of runners chase their goals on one of Iowa’s iconic courses!

Barb started running in my mid 20's when she and her friend decided to run the Chicago Marathon. They thought, "If Oprah can do it, we can do it!" After that, she ran 3 more marathons in about the same number of years. One of those was with her boyfriend, (now husband) who proposed just shy of the finish line! Most of her 30's were filled with marriage, work, kids, and not a lot of running. She slowly got back to consistent running about 5 years ago, and she feels stronger than ever. After breaking 4hrs on my "comeback" marathon, she had a crazy dream of qualifying for Boston. After 3 years, 3 attempts, and 1 stress fracture, she finally qualified and had the privilege of running the Boston Marathon in 2018. It was amazing! Barb has met so many great people while running. She feels like everyone has their own "why" for running, and regardless of what that is, we are all just out there putting one foot in front of the other. Barb enjoys surrounding herself with people who encourage and celebrate each other; that is what the running community does! "I am excited to pace the 2hr CRANDIC Half Marathon! Together, we will tackle each mile (and each hill!), have fun, cross that finish line with a smile, and celebrate our accomplishment!"
4:00 - Keith Neubauer

Due to asthma, Keith generally avoided running when he was growing up. He didn’t start running until he was in my mid-20s. At that point he could barely run a mile. Keith slowly increased the distance. It occurred to him that if he kept increasing the distance he might be able to run a marathon. He ran my first race (10K) in 1998, his first half marathon in 2001, and finally ran his first marathon in 2003 (Quad Cities). Since that time, Keith has completed several half marathons, a half ironman triathlon, 21 marathons, and a 50K. Keith completed his first 50 miler in October 2018. In addition to CRANDIC, he am going to run the St. Louis Marathon in early April and a 50K in the summer.

“When I started running I didn’t realize that it would become one of my main social outlets. I enjoy training as much as racing. I especially enjoy group long runs. I love how conversations can get really weird after you’ve been running for 3 hours.”
2:10 - Clifton Smith

Clifton’s running journey began in 2014 when he decided to run his first marathon. Little did he know that would result in moving half way across the country to be with his now wife and where he was also able to feed his newfound passion for running by working at a local run shop up until they moved back to Iowa. Since then, Clifton has run a number of half marathons, a couple fulls, opened up Iowa Running Company with his business partner, got married, and now just became a father to a beautiful baby boy in November.

“It’s hard to imagine what my life would look like if I hadn’t decided to start running four some years ago, which is why I truly believe every mile changes you.”
4:10 - Cristi Trow Dykstra

Cristi’s running journey started in 2004 when she ran my first marathon, the Twin Cities marathon. She had a good experience but her next marathon didn’t happen until running the Chicago marathon in 2013. That marathon was a disappointment and thought she wouldn’t run another but found a great group of running friends and has now completed 9 marathons and many half marathons.

“I had the amazing experience of running the Boston Marathon in 2018 and hope to qualify again in the near future. I was a pacer for the 2018 New Bo Half Marathon but CRANDID 2019 will be my first experience as a pacer for a full marathon. I look forward to sharing my running experiences and am excited to have the opportunity to help other runners reach their marathon goals.”

2:20 - Megan Nieland

Megan has been a runner since she was 14. Growing up she played soccer for several years before a friend convinced her to join the cross country team. She immediately fell in love with the running, pushing herself to beat her previous times, and the uplifting atmosphere of the running community.

Megan continued to run through college and became serious about running after graduation. She enjoys the training as much as racing and has made several lifelong friends through running.

Over the past few years, Megan has run several 5ks, 10ks, over ten half marathons, and two marathons. Megan works as a Registered Nurse and enjoys running with local running clubs, biking, traveling, watching sports, and reading in her free time.

Megan believes in smiling with every mile and is passionate about helping and motivating others to achieve their running goals!
4:20 - Shawn Loy

Shawn Loy ran her first marathon in 2006. It was hard and it hurt but she is still running 87 marathons later. After she crossed the finish line, she was hooked. She is a finisher of the 50Sub4 Club which means she has run a marathon under four hours in each state!

“Running has taught me so many things about myself. I have met fantastic people along the way (including the RUN CRANDIC committee) I have been on a never-ending journey that I want to take other people along! Keep moving forward and enjoy the journey.”
2:30 - John Skaar

John is from Cedar Falls and has currently completed 80 half marathons in 20 states and several full marathons. He helped pace the inaugural RUN CRANDIC half marathon, along with NewBo and Des Moines. "Don’t worry I will help you accomplish your goal. So come join us, I look forward to having a conversation for 13.1 miles."
4:30 - Jennifer Steadman

Jennifer Steadman began her running journey in August of 2013. She had previously run 4 marathons in the years between 1998 and 2000. Jennifer’s running journey really began as she battled major depression, using it as "therapy." And she says that the last 4 years of running have literally saved her life.

Jennifer has run 8 marathons within these last 4 years along with many half-marathons and local races of varying distances. She is a member of Corridor Running and greatly appreciates their awesome support.

Jennifer’s running journey has taught her discipline, dedication, and strength to also apply to life in general. In 2013 she began chasing a dream that she had always wanted to achieve – Jennifer began training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

After 4 years of pure dedication and many ups and downs within in life and running, she continued to push through and achieved her goal just recently -- November 4, 2017 -- at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

Jennifer enjoys helping others with anything that they may need help with. And she is so excited to lead a group of runners to help them achieve a huge goal – that of finishing the inaugural CRANDIC Marathon.

She promises to keep you motivated and hopes that you will please just come and enjoy the experience.

Jennifer’s advice: “Just always remember to enjoy the experience in this part of your life!”
2:45 - Nisha Peters

When Nisha started running twenty years ago, she could barely jog a mile. She still remembers how exhilarating it felt when finishing her first 5K with a toddler in a jogging stroller. Over the next several years, Nisha’s running was limited to a few daily miles around her neighborhood. In 2017, she started training with Coach Dan Beck from PACE Running Academy. This gave her the opportunity to meet other runners and learn a lot about running as a sport. Having a structured training program has empowered her to set goals, persevere, change self-limiting thoughts, and keep working toward her personal best. In the last two years, Nisha has run three marathons and is currently training for my fourth. Nisha was a co-pacer at the 2018 CRANDIC Marathon and the 2018 New Bo Half Marathon. The best part of being a pace leader is sharing the joy of fellow runners as they achieve their goals.
4:40 - Kim Sprenger & Dave Nelson 3:00 - Juli Johnson

Pace team leader Juli Johnson brings experience from completing over 115 marathons and ultra-marathons, including a marathon in each of the 50 states. Leading the 3:00 finish group for the half marathon, Juli will use a run-walk strategy. This group is ideal for first-timers as the focus will be having fun while making it to the finish!

4:50 - Tom Perri

Thomas has been running for 43 years and has been pacing for more than 40 years. He is acknowledged as the only runner in the world with over 100K Lifetime Miles, over 2,000 career races, 50 State Club Sub 4 hour certified Marathon finisher, four time certified 50 State Marathon Club finisher, and Titanium - as well as being in the Hall of Fame - with Marathon Maniacs. So whether this is your first marathon or you are trying to BQ he will help you in your journey while having lots of fun along the way.

5:00 - Robin Kopelman

Not a runner (or even athlete) while growing up in eastern Iowa, Robin started running in college for exercise. Though she completed her first marathon at age 25 (with her longest run prior being 11 miles -- note: this is NOT recommended) it wasn't until life was in full swing with her family and career that running became both a passion and way of life. Robin runs on roads and trails and has competed in many distances, finding her greatest joy and success with the marathon and ultra distances. Running with friends and family is key for her happiness and she is a core member of the Iowa City Trail Sisters.

Robin is “no stranger to injury" and can happily swap tales - her primary injury being an uncommon overuse injury that took her on a quest for treatment in Wyoming in recent years. During that time, she enjoyed learning the many benefits of strength- and cross-training, with the highlight being the completion of a half-Ironman in 2015.

Since then, with her injury “tamed,” she has been thrilled to enjoy her distance comeback with an age group placement in her debut 50 miler in fall 2017. Overall, she has completed 9 marathons, with a 3:50 PR. While she is excited about those achievements, one of her proudest running accomplishments has actually been winning “pacer closest to their time” when she paced the 4:55 group at the Marion Marathon in 2014.

Robin is a specialist in women's mental health and brings her enthusiasm for the benefits of running and exercise to the work she does. She loves to support runners and athletic enthusiasts at any point in their journey. When not running (or working or parenting), Robin enjoys volunteering, with the primary outlet being in her work on the board of directors for her children’s swim club.
5:30 - Heather O'Leary

Running a marathon has been on Heather's bucket list since she was 12. Since she turned 40 the year Grandma’s Marathon celebrated their 40th anniversary, it seemed like a sign and she had been hooked on the distance since. Heather has completed twelve marathons in five states and is looking forward to adding Iowa to the list. Her personal best is 4:26 and was completed at Twin Cities Marathon last October.

"Supporting others and talking them into running their first race, of any distance, is something I enjoy. I’m excited to pace my first marathon at Crandic and assist others in reaching their goal times. Believe you can, and you will."
6:00 - Darrell Baetsie

Dan is a long time runner. His first marathon was in Des Moines in 2011. He has since completed six. Ultra-marathons are his go to races now a days, completing his first 100k last year in Dubuque. Dan is a Marine Corps Veteran and loves supporting local races that give back to the community.

"We will run- walk this course to ensure everyone gets in!"