Details below are for the 2018 event. 2019 training information will be updated soon!

Aid Station Information 

Aid Stations

There are 18 aid stations on the course. Aid stations will be stocked with water (all stations), Orange Gatorade (all stations), and gel (some stations). Aid stations will be present at mile 2.2, mile 4.5, mile 6.5, mile 8.3, mile 10, mile 12, mile 14, mile 16, mile 17.5, mile 18.9, mile 20, mile 21, mile 22, mile 23, mile 24.3, mile 25.3, mile 26, and the finish line.

Snacks on the course

There will also be fruit and candy on the route. These will be located at the aid stations on mile 10, mile 18.9, and mile 23. On mile 26.2, the aid station will have granola bars, orange slices, chocolate milk, and bananas.


We’ve got you covered. There will be portable toilets along the route. These will be located at mile 2.2, mile 6.5, mile 10, mile 14, mile 17.5, and mile 22.

Training Schedules

The Corridor Running Club has provided these training schedules to help you on your journey.

Run CRANDIC Half-Marathon Training Schedule — PDF

Run CRANDIC Marathon Training Schedule — PDF

Pace Group Information

The Corridor Running Club has scheduled pace group leaders to help keep you motivated and focused for the RUN CRANDIC powered by University of Iowa Community Credit Union Marathon & Half-Marathon on Sunday, April 29, 2018 for the following paces:

Marathon Finish Goal TimeHalf Marathon Finish Goal Time
3:20 - Tom Naert

Tom is a runner from Norwalk, Iowa. He picked up the sport just a few years ago after graduating from college and when he was challenged by his brother to stay fit, healthy, and competitive.

Tom ran his first marathon at the 2014 Chicago Marathon in a time of 3:40:25. Since then he has completed 8 marathons and 3 ultra-marathons ranging from 50K to 100 miles. Tom won 1st place overall at the McAllen Marathon in Texas and the Booneville Backroads 100 Ultra in Iowa.

He is a Boston Qualifier with a marathon PR of 2:58:34 and will be running Boston just 2 weeks prior to RUN CRANDIC!

Tom is a member of the Capital Striders running club in Des Moines. His previous pacing experience involves pacing a 100K ultra-marathon in Colorado and the Quad Cities Marathon 3:25 group.

Tom is married to Katie and they just recently welcomed a baby boy to the family! He works as an engineer for John Deere and enjoys spending time outdoors
1:40 - Luke Connor

Luke has been running competitively since junior high. His 1st half marathon was in 2004, followed by his 1st full marathon in Des Moines in 2009 where he qualified for the 2011 Boston Marathon. He has run 6 marathons and 7 half marathons, with PRs of 2:55 and 1:20, respectively. He is currently training for the Mines of Spain trail half marathon in August and runs with a fun and motivated group in Independence, IA!
3:35 - Open1:50 - Sarah Dickes

Sarah is 23 years old and is currently in the second year of the physical therapy program at St. Ambrose University. She started running in college as a way to stay in shape since she was no longer participating in organized sports.
Sarah ran a 5k with some friends and became hooked by the race atmosphere. After that, she set her sights on running the Dam to Dam half marathon in Des Moines. She swore she would never go further than that but a year later found herself training to run the Kona Marathon in Hawaii with her sister and hasn’t looked back since.

Sarah has run 5 marathons and is currently training for the 2018 Boston Marathon. In the future, she hopes to be able to run a sub-3:25 marathon and a sub-1:30 half marathon.

Sarah is very excited to be running the inaugural CRANDIC half marathon and is looking forward to meeting all of the other runners!
3:50 - Andy Deutmeyer

In 2010 a friend presented Andy with the idea of running a marathon. He nervously signed up and began training. Andy had never been a “runner” in his entire life so everything was new to him! While training for that first marathon Andy watched the Ironman World Championship on TV. He was amazed and completely inspired! He had never heard of the Ironman Triathlon and little did he know the impact it would have on his life.

After his first marathon, Andy took up triathlons. After years of shorter distance triathlons, the time came for him to realize his Ironman dream. In 2014 Andy completed my first Ironman. Since then he has completed 4 more marathons, a half Ironman, and another full Ironman in 2017.

Endurance sports require hard work and dedication. It can be physically and mentally exhausting but across the finish line awaits a special gift that can only be earned by you. And “YES,” it is totally worth all the effort!

“Respect the training, honor the commitment, cherish the results.” See you on race day!
2:00 - Julia Moffitt

Self-described trail and endurance junkie, Julia has been running on and off for almost all her life. After falling off the running wagon in her 30’s, her desire to qualify for Boston got her back into running where she qualified for her first Boston Marathon in 2012 while Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. Having made the trip from Hopkinton to Boylston several times now, Julia finished at Boston during the bombings in 2013 and it left an indelible mark on her love and passion for running.

“Enjoy and make the most out of every mile!” is her mantra.

Julia currently spends most of her time on the trails, competing in ultra-distance events, and has covered the 100-mile distance 3 times. Her favorite, however, was the 50-mile rim-to-rim-to-rim trek across the Grand Canyon. Originally from Missouri, Julia is a cardiovascular and exercise physiologist and enjoys helping others reach their goals and improve their running.
4:00 - Carson Eggland

Ever since that first 7th-grade cross country meets in 1996, Carson has been hooked on running. Whether participating in or organizing road races, running has been a part of Carson's life for over two decades. He has run 6 marathons, including the Twin Cities Ultra Loony Challenge in 2014.

While the CRANDIC will be his first experience as a pacer, Carson is ready for the challenge and happy to volunteer for the job after utilizing the help of pacers in marathons he has previously run. Carson currently lives in Decorah, IA, and uses the many trails and hills in the area as his training grounds.

As a University of Iowa graduate, Carson can't wait to return to the area to serve as a pacer for the 4-hour pace group at the inaugural CRANDIC Marathon!
2:10 - Katie Brandstatter

Katie has been racing for nearly 15 years. She ran her first half marathon in 2006, which is when she fell in love with long-distance running. Since then she has completed more than 20 half marathons and 9 marathons.

Favorite race memories include running through the 5 boroughs in the New York City Marathon and getting passed by a runner dribbling two basketballs in the Chicago Marathon.

Katie is passionate about helping others meet their race goals and looks forward to running in the inaugural RUN CRANDIC.
4:10 - Jennifer Fish

Jennifer is an 11-year running veteran. Her running career started after she and husband Ben had two of their three children. Her interest in running was a hope to introduce a positive, healthy activity in a time of life transition.

Those first miles, in 2006, as a beginner, gave her a sense of mental and physical strength, and blissful energy. It was the beginning of a lifelong active lifestyle. Since 2006, she's run 10 marathons. and reached her first Boston Qualifier in 2015.

Jennifer's a USATF and RRCA certified endurance running coach and enjoys learning about how running has become part of others' unique life journey. Other than running, she gravitates towards reading autobiographical work, writing, and solitude (it's precious when you have three children).

She's a wife, mom of three, volunteer coach and mentor, and she's looking forward to helping others run CRANDIC mile by mile, and being a part of their race.
2:15 - Megan Nieland

Megan has been a runner since she was 14. Growing up she played soccer for several years before a friend convinced her to join the cross country team. She immediately fell in love with the running, pushing herself to beat her previous times, and the uplifting atmosphere of the running community.

Megan continued to run through college and became serious about running after graduation. She enjoys the training as much as racing and has made several lifelong friends through running.

Over the past few years, Megan has run several 5ks, 10ks, over ten half marathons, and two marathons. Megan works as a Registered Nurse and enjoys running with local running clubs, biking, traveling, watching sports, and reading in her free time.

Megan believes in smiling with every mile and is passionate about helping and motivating others to achieve their running goals!
4:20 - Abigail Fincel

Abby's first long distance race was a trail half marathon in Michigan. She had such a blast that she soon signed up for her first marathon in Kalamazoo, Michigan, right before graduating college. This marked the start of a new life-long hobby and she's run 6 half's and 2 more full's since then including the Twin Cities Marathon and the Illinois Marathon.

At the Illinois Marathon, she qualified for Boston 2018 (with a new PR more than an hour faster than her first marathon!) She will be running at Boston on April 16, 2018, and is excited to be taking part in the new CRANDIC Marathon soon afterward! Her post-race fuel of choice is ice cream of any kind.
2:30 - John Skaar

John Skaar is a resident of Cedar Falls and will be the pace group leader for the 2:30 CRANDIC Half-Marathon.
He has run numerous half marathons -- Including pacing for 3 of them -- And he has also run several marathons plus other distances.

John looks forward to meeting everyone and helping them achieve their goals.
4:30 - Michael Price

Michael initially started distance running when he was 17 years old. He realized that he had natural endurance and enjoyed running distances. His goal was to one day run a marathon.

Unfortunately, he lost track of this dream through the distractions of family and adult life. His focus on health and fitness went to the wayside and by the time he was 26, he weighed 340 pounds.
In late 2012, he decided to make some healthy changes in his lifestyle and with the help of friends and family started working out and eating healthier. These changes resulted in him losing over 100 pounds over the next year.

With his newfound fitness, he set out to run his first marathon -- the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon. With the help of a running partner, they trained and accomplished this incredible feat.

In the time that Michael has been running, he has completed 4 marathons, 13 half-marathons, and countless other races and race distances. He has a passion not only for running but for growing the running community, hoping to help people who are traveling down similar health journeys that he did.

He volunteers at many local races, sits on the Board of Directors of Corridor Running, and spends as much time as possible with his family life while at the same time enriching the awesome community of runners here in the Corridor.
2:45 - Phil Close

For Phil, running was something that he avoided until his twenties. He started with a local 5K over the 4th of July in 2016. Once that was completed, he learned how much he enjoyed running.

After realizing how amazing the running community was, Phil worked on building distance and set his mind on a half-marathon which he competed in November of the same year.

In April of 2017, he took part in his first full marathon in St. Louis and that October he took part in the Des Moines marathon as training for the Chicago Lakefront 50K which he completed a few weeks later. When not actively training for races, Phil enjoys the chance to take his dog or two-year-old daughter Nora out for a couple of miles.
4:40 - Dan Beck3:00 - Juli Seydell Johnson

Juli Johnson, the 6-hour pacer, is an experienced runner with more than 100 marathons or longer finishes, including completing a marathon in all 50 states. In recent years she has focused on “back of the pack” groups with a run/walk strategy, encouragement and plenty of fun photo stops to bring her group safely to the finish line.

“I often have several first-timers in my pace groups. We concentrate on a steady pace, staying relaxed and having fun along the course.”

My plan for the CRANDIC 6-hour group will be alternating 3 minutes of running with 2 minutes of walking from the start.
4:50 - Jennifer Steadman

Jennifer Steadman began her running journey in August of 2013. She had previously run 4 marathons in the years between 1998 and 2000. Jennifer’s running journey really began as she battled major depression, using it as "therapy." And she says that the last 4 years of running have literally saved her life.

Jennifer has run 8 marathons within these last 4 years along with many half-marathons and local races of varying distances. She is a member of Corridor Running and greatly appreciates their awesome support.

Jennifer’s running journey has taught her discipline, dedication, and strength to also apply to life in general. In 2013 she began chasing a dream that she had always wanted to achieve – Jennifer began training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

After 4 years of pure dedication and many ups and downs within in life and running, she continued to push through and achieved her goal just recently -- November 4, 2017 -- at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

Jennifer enjoys helping others with anything that they may need help with. And she is so excited to lead a group of runners to help them achieve a huge goal – that of finishing the inaugural CRANDIC Marathon.

She promises to keep you motivated and hopes that you will please just come and enjoy the experience.

Jennifer’s advice: “Just always remember to enjoy the experience in this part of your life!”
5:00 - Tom Perri

Tom Perri is approaching 42 years of running and has completed over 2,000 races while approaching 105,000-lifetime miles.

Currently, he has 427-lifetime marathons completed, a three-time 50-state certified marathon finisher, a sub 4-hour marathon finisher in all 50 states, and has paced over 355 running events.

Tom loves to have fun while he’s running!
5:30 - Robin Kopelman

Not a runner (or even athlete) while growing up in eastern Iowa, Robin started running in college for exercise. Though she completed her first marathon at age 25 (with her longest run prior being 11 miles -- note: this is NOT recommended) it wasn't until life was in full swing with her family and career that running became both a passion and way of life. Robin runs on roads and trails and has competed in many distances, finding her greatest joy and success with the marathon and ultra distances. Running with friends and family is key to her happiness and she is a core member of the Iowa City Trail Sisters.

Robin is “no stranger to injury" and can happily swap tales - her primary injury being an uncommon overuse injury that took her on a quest for treatment in Wyoming in recent years. During that time, she enjoyed learning the many benefits of strength- and cross-training, with the highlight being the completion of a half-Ironman in 2015.

Since then, with her injury “tamed,” she has been thrilled to enjoy her distance comeback with an age group placement in her debut 50 miler in fall 2017. Overall, she has completed 9 marathons, with a 3:50 PR. While she is excited about those achievements, one of her proudest running accomplishments has actually been winning “pacer closest to their time” when she paced the 4:55 group at the Marion Marathon in 2014.

Robin is a specialist in women's mental health and brings her enthusiasm for the benefits of running and exercise to the work she does. She loves to support runners and athletic enthusiasts at any point in their journey. When not running (or working or parenting), Robin enjoys volunteering, with the primary outlet being in her work on the board of directors for her children’s swim club.
6:00 - Mark Powers

Log Your Training

Make sure you’re preparing for your chosen distance.

It takes time to properly train for a marathon or half-marathon. We recommend 16 weeks to train for a marathon and 12 weeks for a half-marathon.

To help you get to the finish line at historic Kinnick Stadium, we offer a 16-week/4 days-per-week marathon training plan and a 12-week/3 days-per-week half-marathon training plan for all runners.

Since RUN CRANDIC will take place on Sunday, April 28, 2019, you need to start your 16-week marathon training plan on or around January 8 and your 12-week half-marathon plan on or around February 6.

As you train, you might want to consider keeping a running & training log. Whether you choose to go electronic, with an app, or the old fashioned spiral notebook, maintaining a record of your training process will pay dividends for the future. Here’s a printable running log to get you started. Our friends at Runner’s World provide a great description of the power of the log.